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Bach LT180S37 Trumpet


The Bach 180 series trumpets are the number one selling professional trumpets in the world. The LT180 series was designed for players seeking a lively trumpet with a brighter sound and quicker response. The lightweight body and one-piece hand-hammered professional bell in #37 taper and the standard mouthpipe add to the centered sound and brilliant tone of this model. The silver-plate finish provides a controlled brilliance to the overall sound. The LT180S37 with a .459" medium-large bore will rise above the sound of any ensemble . TECH SPECS .459" Medium-large bore Lightweight body Lightweight yellow brass one-piece hand-hammered #37 bell Standard construction #25 mouthpipe Monel pistons 1st slide thumb saddle Adjustable 3rd slide rod stop Silver-plate finish Bach 7C mouthpiece C180 woodshell case FREE SHIPPING with your purchase today!

Model: LT180S37
Manufacturer: Bach
Bach LT180S37 Trumpet
Price: $3,159.00

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