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Yanagisawa SCW010 Soprano Sax


The new Yanagisawa SCW010 takes over from the previous SC991 model that in many ways paved the way for curved sopranos to come back into fashion. The new SCW models are part of the wider Yanagisawa upgrades that they have applied to the AW, TW, SW and BW ranges. This has involved a thorough research and development program to investigate small yet pertinent ways they could improve their Saxophone range. The SCWO10 is an 'elite' level model and this means it's produced in Japan by Yanagisawa's finest technicians. The instrument comes complete with a removable neck and like all the new SW series it benefits from a total bore, body and tone hole re-design to improve the tuning, resonance and response. Alongside the core design changes there are also a number of smaller technical advancements on this new SCWO10 Soprano Sax model: Re-designed right hand pinky key layout (low Eb/low C) for better ergonomics and quicker response The left hand palm key angles have been modified slightly to sit more comfortably under the hands The palm keys also now have a thick brass plate underneath them to add density to the tone in the higher registers FREE SHIPPING with your purchase today!

Model: SCW010
Manufacturer: Yanagisawa
Yanagisawa SCW010 Soprano Sax
Price: $4,779.00

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