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Yanagisawa SW010 Soprano Sax


The new SW010 takes over from the ever popular S991 model. It is a straight body Soprano Sax with removable neck, it comes supplied with a straight and curved version. This is a professional level instrument that is made of a core standard brass (compared to the bronze on the SW020 model). This model is one of our most popular pro Sopranos, the extra weight of the neck receiver and key post braces make this SW010 a richer sounding instrument than the brighter SW01. Players also appreciate the fact that you can choose between the straight or curved neck options, this can affect the intonation and immediacy of response. The main new features include: New Bore Shape The tone hole positioning and size has been modified alongside a newly designed internal bore shape. These modifications have been developed to make the instrument even smoother playing with precise intonation. New Brass Material The SW Soprano (and indeed AW and TW) series benefit from a newly sourced and expertly treated core brass material. This selection was based on finding a blend that produced the most vibrant and responsive tone and resonance. Keywork Modifications There have been various small key modifications including re-desings to the Front F Key, LH Palm Keys, RH Side Keys and LH pinky keys. All of these changes are aimed at making the instrument extremely comfortable to hold and perform at high speeds. FREE SHIPPING with your purchase today!

Model: SW010
Manufacturer: Yanagisawa
Yanagisawa SW010 Soprano Sax
Price: $4,969.00

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