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Bach V16 Valve Trombone


The Bach model V16 valve trombone features a 7-1/2" one-piece hand-hammered bell designed for excellent resonance and projection. The .485" medium bore valve section design provides balanced and agile response. Professional Monel piston material provides smooth and quick action while the fixed 3rd slide ring and adjustable stop allow for quick adjustments. The clear lacquer finish provides a subtle warmth to the overall sound. The Bach Stradivarius model V16 valve trombone is designed for the player looking for a high performance Bb valve trombone. TECH SPECS .485" medium bore 7-1/2" one-piece hand-hammered yellow brass bell Monel pistons Clear lacquer finish Bach 7C mouthpiece 1858 woodshell case FREE SHIPPING with your purchase today!

Model: V16
Manufacturer: Bach
Bach V16 Valve Trombone
Price: $3,629.00

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