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Runyon R2 Mouthpiece Patch - Clear

SKU:  ae00-1097
Manufacturer Part #:  R2

The Teeth and Mouthpiece Saver is a small rectangular piece of plastic that is attached to the top side of saxophone and clarinet mouthpieces. It prevents teeth marks from accumulating on the mouthpiece. One type is a clear hard plastic saver that gives an embouchure similar to an unprotected mouthpiece. The second type is black, softer and rubberized for sensitive teeth. The saver can be trimmed with scissors for an individualized fit.

Model: R2
Manufacturer: Runyon

Runyon R2 Mouthpiece Patch - Clear

SKU:  ae00-1097^R2
Manufacturer Part #:  R2
Weight:  1.00
Price: $4.09

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