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Vandoren SM60*B Jumbo Java Alto Sax Mouthpiece


The most hard-hitting mouthpiece of the line. Designed with a small chamber, a very high baffle and a large bore. Produces a tone comparable to certain metal mouthpieces. A45 - SM602B, Tip Opening (1/100 mm) 220, Facing - ML, The standard mouthpiece for salsa, rock and modern music. A55 - SM603B, Tip Opening (1/100 mm) 247, Facing - L, Its balance between projection and comfort makes it the standard model in this category. A75 - SM604B, Tip Opening (1/100 mm) 260, Facing - L, An open mouthpiece with a big, bright sound.

Model: SM60*B
Manufacturer: Vandoren
Vandoren SM60*B Jumbo Java Alto Sax Mouthpiece
Price: $109.95

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