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Student Combined Percussion Kit

  • Mapex MCK1232DP Combined Kit
    Mapex MCK1232DP Combined Kit

    Backpack Snare Drum/Bell Percussion Kit, Rolling Bag, 2.5 octave 32-note keyboard (F5-C8) with Silver Sparkle front rail, 1" wide tone bars, 12" x 3.5" wood shell snare with Silver Sparkle wrap, removable music rack, Innovative Percussion IP-HB sticks and F12 mallets, practice pad, adjustable stand

    Model: MCK1232DP
    Manufacturer: Mapex
    Price: $625.00
  • Pearl PL910CNEW Combined Kit
    Pearl PL910CNEW Combined Kit

    The Pearl Percussion Learning Center PL910C Includes: 13?×3.5? Wood Snare with Black Covered Finish 2.5 Octave Bells (F5–C8) 8? Tuneable Practice Pad PKB-32 Bell and Pad Stand S-70A Snare Basket Mallets with 25mm Heads and Wood Handles Snare Drum Sticks Music Rack Nylon Carrying Case with Wheels

    Model: PL910CNEW
    Manufacturer: Pearl
    Price: $437.50