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Benefits of Our Beginning Instrument Plan

Choices.  three affordable instrument categories with early payoff, return, exchange and upgrade options
Director Approved Brands.  top, brand name instruments
Clean Instruments.  instruments and cases are clean and in good working order, ready to play

No Interest Charges.  payments are interest free, start to finish

Instrument Maintenance.  repair for normal wear and tear and accidental damage situations

Easy Return/Cancel Policy.  once we regain physical possession, monthly payments end

Early Payoff Discount.  just call for the discounted payoff total

Exchanges.  100% of the instrument payment is applied to the new or different beginner level instrument or if moving up to a Next Step or Advanced instrument, up to 100% of the payments made will be applied while the account is open and current

Step Up Program.  our competitively priced program offers rebates for trade-ins or repeat customers


Beginning Instrument Plan

 We offer three categories of instruments: Good Used, Better Used and New.
The Good Used category includes older instruments that show wear from previous use. Each instrument has been disassembled, thoroughly cleaned and disinfected, reassembled, and put into good playing condition. They are an affordable way to start band.
The Better Used category includes formerly new instruments which were returned when a student quit band as well as older instruments that have been overhauled to address cosmetic flaws and now look like new.  Each instrument has been disassembled, thoroughly cleaned and disinfected, reassembled, and put into good playing condition. These are lovely instruments at a reasonable price.
New instruments have never been played and are just waiting for their chance to make music!

We require that a minimum of four monthly payments are made on the chosen instrument. After this introductory period, the agreement becomes a month-to-month obligation during which the instrument may be exchanged, paid in full, returned or upgraded at any time.

Monthly maintenance is billed at $6.00 per month and consists of two fees. The first $5.00 is the mandatory instrument maintenance fee which covers needed repairs and routine maintenance of the instrument. The last $1.00 is our payment processing fee. Additional information about our instrument maintenance plan can be found under the Maintenance Program header.

Exchanges for a newer or different instrument are allowed any time after the introductory period. The instrument portion of every payment received will be credited against the newer or different instrument.

Our program is INTEREST FREE from beginning to end. There is no penalty to pay off the balance early. In fact, parents can request an early payoff discount! Finally, if all forty-two monthly payments are made or the instrument is paid off early, ownership is transferred to you.

Only when we physically possess the instrument does the monthly payment obligation end. It is the customer's responsibility alone to notify us of their intent to return the instrument.

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Beginning Instrument Plan

Next Step and Advanced Instrument Plans

Students who love to make music and are serious about band will benefit from our Next Step or Advanced instruments. The specific instrument models we offer were chosen because of their durability, sound quality, and overall value.

Each of the Next Step and Advanced Instrument Plans are a thirty-six month purchase agreement with no option to return the instrument. The monthly price listed is exactly what will be paid and includes the instrument payment, sales tax and a payment processing fee. Receiving the monthly price listed does require one of the following when the purchase agreement is initiated: an instrument trade-in, previous rental credit (repeat customer), or in-store rebate. All of our Next Step and Advanced instruments are also available for outright purchase.


Purchasing a NEXT STEP (intermediate level) instrument makes sense for musicians who...

  • Plan on participating in District or State level festivals, bands or honor groups
  • Want to continue playing music well into college and beyond
  • Enjoy playing and want to improve
  • Play and perform often in public

The NEXT STEP (intermediate level) instrument offers...

  • Better quality materials and design creating a richer, more robust sound
  • Design modifications for improved intonation while keeping advancing musicians in mind
  • Advanced key cork on some instruments allowing ease in performance of more advanced music


Purchasing an ADVANCED (professional level) instrument makes sense for musicians who...

  • Excel with their musical talent by making District or State Bands, receiving 1 ratings at festivals or competitions
  • Will be pursuing a music degree in college
  • Enjoy playing and want to improve
  • Play and perform often in public for money

The ADVANCED (professional level) instrument offers...

  • High quality material like silver, sterling sliver, platinum, gold, and African black wood
  • Design by professional players who rely on a top quality instrument and superior design for their living
  •  Construction by master craftsmen
  • Advanced key work allowing the musician to play at a high level effortlessly


The instrument maintenance plan is optional with Next Step and Advanced instruments. If chosen, maintenance plan fees are added to the monthly price and billed all together. Current pricing is $7.50/month for Next Step Instruments and $10.00/month for Advanced Instruments. Instrument maintenance can also be purchased (a year at a time) when an instrument is purchased outright.

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Maintenance Program

The instrument maintenance program gives your student a great chance to succeed because a properly working instrument is key to using correct technique and producing a quality sound. The program also brings parents peace of mind by removing the possibility of an unexpected and untimely repair bill. Probably 99% of the repairs we see would be covered by our instrument maintenance program.
The maintenance program covers any repairable damage to the instrument as well as accidental damage. More specifically it covers the cost of replacing wearable parts of the instrument which may include but is not limited to: pads, corks, springs, felts, or guard, pivot and adjusting screws. Also covered is joint repair/replacement, slide/valve work, mouthpiece removal, lubrication and the removal of dents which keep the instrument from being in good playing condition. The program also covers any repairable damage to the instrument's case including case latches, hinges, and handles. Instrument cleanings required to put the instrument in good playing condition are covered.

There are some limitations to the instrument maintenance plan. It does not cover repairs or attempted repairs made by another, including teachers and parents. Nor does it cover the loss or theft of individual parts or the whole instrument. It does not cover misuse or abuse of the instrument, for example, repair to a trumpet which was used as a weapon on a school bus or a complete repad on a flute where every pad had been removed and nearly every cork picked off. Additional limitations are specified in the Terms and Conditions section when you begin a rental.