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Oboe Accessories

  • Allied 172M Oboe Plastic Case
    Allied 172M Oboe Plastic Case

    Hardshell plastic case. Fits most brands of oboe with an accessory compartment included inside.

    Model: 172M
    Manufacturer: Allied
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    Price: $53.60
  • Allied 174 Oboe Wooden Case
    Allied 174 Oboe Wooden Case

    Wooden case. Fits most brands of oboe with an accessory compartment included inside.

    Model: 174
    Manufacturer: Allied
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    Price: $131.20
  • Bach S1878B Polishing Cloth
    Bach S1878B Polishing Cloth

    Treated specifically for silver, gold and nickel plated finishes the Bach Deluxe Polishing Cloth contains an inner cloth for removing tarnish and grime.  Use the lint free, non-abrasive outer cloth to shine and protect your instrument from fingerprints and perspiration.

    Model: S1878B
    Manufacturer: Bach
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    Price: $6.27
  • Blitz BL303 Silver Polishing Cloth
    Blitz BL303 Silver Polishing Cloth

    The #303 Metal Care cloth is intended for use on instruments with an exposed metal finish - typically silver, although it works well on gold and nickel as well. It's actually two cloths in one, with the inner white cloth treated with a dry polishing compound to do the heavy tarnish removal and the outer gray cloth used for a final buff.

    Model: BL303
    Manufacturer: Blitz
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    Price: $4.69
  • Conn B04105 Bore Oil
    Conn B04105 Bore Oil

    Conn Selmer Bore Oil Prevents moisture absorption in wood. Tasteless, odorless. 1-1/2 oz. bottle.

    Model: B04105
    Manufacturer: Conn
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    Price: $3.75
  • Hodge HOS Silk Oboe Swab
    Hodge HOS Silk Oboe Swab

    All Hodge silk swabs are made from 100% silk and come in performers black, royal blue, burgundy, forest green, deep purple, hot pink and silver.  Silk is very absorbent, soaking up water in instruments better than any other natural material on the market, including both cotton and chamois.  Most uniquely, silk is also very compressible, making it possible to pull through instruments with large variations in bore size.  In addition, silk is lint free. Clarinet, Oboe and English Horn swabs are made using a plastic coated straight weight. Bassoon, bassoon bocal, trumpet, and french horn swabs use a ball chain, which is very effective as a weight and more flexible than most traditional straight weights.  The ball chain is non-abrasive and does not scratch the bore or other parts of the instrument when used properly.  The saxophone swabs and bass clarinet swabs use a plastic-coated lead weight.

    Model: HOS
    Manufacturer: Hodge
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    Price: $7.35
  • LCMS OBKIT Oboe Maintenance Kit
    LCMS OBKIT Oboe Maintenance Kit

    Our custom oboe maintenance kit includes: silk swab, Emerald medium soft oboe reed, cork grease, thumb rest cushion, silver polishing cloth to remove tarnish and finger prints, pencil, and instructions on how to use each item in the kit.

    Model: OBKIT
    Manufacturer: LCMS
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    Price: $19.95
  • Neotech CEOBK Clarinet/Oboe Strap
    Neotech CEOBK Clarinet/Oboe Strap

    This strap offers a sleek design while providing maximum comfort. The durable neoprene strap incorporates top grade leather and custom cord to arrive at the ideal strap. The unique slide holds the desired length while offering easy, two-finger adjustment capabilities. It has a choice of two connection options. You can attach the unique polyurethane tab to your thumb rest or use the plastic-covered metal hook if you have an eyelet attachment on your instrument. The end result is comfort for your neck and shoulders while providing relief for the all-too-common thumb fatigue frequent amongst clarinet, English horn and oboe players

    Model: CEOBK
    Manufacturer: Neotech
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    Price: $12.57
  • ReedGeek, Inc. G4 Reed Geek - Reed Tool
    ReedGeek, Inc. G4 Reed Geek - Reed Tool

    The most effective and versatile reed tool available. Experience the benefits of a truly flat reed and fine-tune the entire reed in record time. Easy to transport in any sized case.

    Model: G4
    Manufacturer: ReedGeek, Inc.
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    Price: $69.95
  • Runyon R3 Thumb Saver
    Runyon R3 Thumb Saver

    Thumb savers are cushions that help ease thumb discomfort when playing the instrument. Made of rubber.

    Model: R3
    Manufacturer: Runyon
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    Price: $2.00
  • Selmer S2955B Polishing Cloth
    Selmer S2955B Polishing Cloth

    Specially treated, lint free, non-greasy, non-abrasive cloth leaves an invisible coating that guards against fingerprints and damaging perspiration. Used dry, without other cleaning agents.

    Model: S2955B
    Manufacturer: Selmer
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    Price: $4.20
  • Superslick SS4050 Key and Rotor Oil
    Superslick SS4050 Key and Rotor Oil

    Pinpoint applicator for getting oil into those tight spots. Great for woodwind keys and brass rotor valves.

    Model: SS4050
    Manufacturer: Superslick
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    Price: $4.20
  • Trophy TR2203 Clarinet Thumeez
    Trophy TR2203 Clarinet Thumeez

    Foam thumb rest cushion that softens the weight of the instrument while you play.

    Model: TR2203
    Manufacturer: Trophy
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    Price: $1.50
  • Venture V265 Cork Grease
    Venture V265 Cork Grease

    Lipstick style tube Makes assembly of tenon corked instruments easy Supports airtight fit

    Model: V265
    Manufacturer: Venture
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    Price: $1.50