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Student Baritone Saxophones

  • Selmer BS400 Baritone Sax
    Selmer BS400 Baritone Sax

    Full ribbed design; double bracing; rose brass neck; angled key stack; high F# and low A keys; wheeled ABS case. FREE SHIPPING with your purchase today!

    Model: BS400
    Manufacturer: Selmer
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    Price: $4,659.00
  • Selmer BS500 Baritone Sax
    Selmer BS500 Baritone Sax

    Clear lacquer body and keys; low A and high F# keys; engraved bell; double arm low C and B keys; table arch brace; two bell body braces; FREE SHIPPING with your purchased today!

    Model: BS500
    Manufacturer: Selmer
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    Price: $5,259.00