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Student Baritone Saxophones

  • Jupiter JBS1100 Baritone Sax
    Jupiter JBS1100 Baritone Sax

    The JBS1100 gold lacquered baritone saxophone is a perfect example of the classic hand-crafted design practices that reside alongside state-of-the-art manufacturing processes. The Sona-Pure Neck is created using special artisan tooling and annealing processes that results in a dark, vintage tonal quality Gold-Lacquered Brass Keys are made from the highest quality tempered brass then finished with a high gloss gold-lacquer for lasting beauty Metal Tone Boosters add brightness to the instrument sound and assist in a tighter key seal

    Model: JBS1100
    Manufacturer: Jupiter
    Price: $5,649.00
  • Selmer BS400 Baritone Sax
    Selmer BS400 Baritone Sax

    The 400 Series baritone saxophone offers all the great features of the 400 series saxes – double bracing on the low keys, full rib design, rose brass neck – plus those features you would want in a baritone sax: Low A key and a wheeled ABS case.. FREE SHIPPING with your purchase today!

    Model: BS400
    Manufacturer: Selmer
    Price: $4,999.00