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Step Up and Professional Baritone Saxophones

  • Buffet Crampon BC8403-4-0 Baritone Sax
    Buffet Crampon BC8403-4-0 Baritone Sax

    The 400 Series is designed for the advanced student through the professional saxophonist. The baritone saxophone is available in a matte gold lacquer finish. The 400 Series saxophones are meticulously hand-engraved and assembled for the highest level of quality and workmanship. With keywork from low A to high F# and exceptional response in the upper and lower registers, the 400 Series baritone saxophone provides even response and intonation and an ideal combination of tonal qualities for jazz or classical performance. The new Buffet Crampon saxophones incorporate classic French design combined with modern innovations to produce exceptional and affordable instruments for any level or budget.

    Model: BC8403-4-0
    Manufacturer: Buffet Crampon
    Price: $4,025.00
  • Keilwerth JK4310-8-0 Baritone Sax
    Keilwerth JK4310-8-0 Baritone Sax

    Model JK4300-8 Keilwerth Baritone Saxophone SX 90 R:Professional model. The Keilwerth SX 90 baritone saxophone produces a rich, deep tone. It has the capability of blending into a jazz ensemble or cutting through during solos. Adjustable palm keys make the SX 90 baritone saxophone comfortable and easy to play, allowing the musician to concentrate on his performance and not his horn.

    Model: JK4310-8-0
    Manufacturer: Keilwerth
    Price: $9,596.00
  • Selmer 55AFJ Baritone Sax
    Selmer 55AFJ Baritone Sax

    Range to Low A, Hand engraved bell, Clear lacquered brass body construction, High F# Key/Low A/Tilted Bb Spatula Key, Power hammered keys, Metal resonators.. FREE SHIPPING with your purchase today!

    Model: 55AFJ
    Manufacturer: Selmer
    Price: $11,949.00
  • Selmer 66AFJ Baritone Sax
    Selmer 66AFJ Baritone Sax

    The Selmer Paris Series III 66AFJ Baritone Sax features include: Key: E-flat; Range: low A/high F#; Multi-directional brass thumb rest; Blue steel needle springs; Waterkey: on the upper bow; Metal booster leather pads, without rivet; Clear lacquer over yellow brass with extra copper content; Short Peg; Mouthpiece: S80 C*; and Flight case w/wheels and backpack straps. FREE SHIPPING with your purchase today!

    Model: 66AFJ
    Manufacturer: Selmer
    Price: $13,099.00
  • Selmer SBS280R Baritone Sax
    Selmer SBS280R Baritone Sax

    High F# key (high G on soprano), Low A, multiple adjusting screws, rocking table mechanism, Blue steel springs, treated leather pads with metal resonators, lightweight backpack style case (ABS wheeled for bari), ribbed construction, Hand engraved lacquer over brass, Selmer USA mouthpiece. FREE SHIPPING with your purchase today!

    Model: SBS280R
    Manufacturer: Selmer
    Price: $5,999.00
  • Yanagisawa BW01 Baritone Sax
    Yanagisawa BW01 Baritone Sax

    Professional Model With its new neck design, the professional model affords a more open playing experience with less resistance and good response , and will continue to deliver its solid, rich tone even after many years of play. Key: Eb Range: Low A to High F# Neck: Brass Body: Brass Bow: Brass Bell: Brass, hand-engraved FREE SHIPPING with your purchase today!

    Model: BW01
    Manufacturer: Yanagisawa
    Price: $6,999.00