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Step Up and Professional Bassoons

  • Schreiber WS5116-2-0 Bassoon
    Schreiber WS5116-2-0 Bassoon

    10 Yr old Alpine Maple body Special Luracast bore lining in wing & boot joints 25 Silver plated keys Includes High D key Double C touch piece Left hand whisper key lock 4 Rollers (F-Ab, C#-Eb) 2 Hand hammered, soldered and bent silver plated bocals Durable case with cordura cover, backpack construction and music compartment

    Model: WS5116-2-0
    Manufacturer: Schreiber
    Price: $10,728.00
  • Schreiber WS5131-2-0 Bassoon
    Schreiber WS5131-2-0 Bassoon

    Handmade professional bassoon with large Bb/F# key guard plate and high E key on wing joint, 25 silver-plated nickel silver keys including high D, double C touch piece, left hand whisper key lock and four rollers (F-Ab, C#-Eb). Body made from ten-year-old alpine maple with special Luracast bore lining in the wing joint and boot joint to Ab tone hole and two hand-hammered, soldered and bent silver-plated bocals. Comes in durable case with cordura cover, backpack construction, music compartment and accessories.

    Model: WS5131-2-0
    Manufacturer: Schreiber
    Price: $11,850.00
  • Selmer 132 Bassoon
    Selmer 132 Bassoon

    Hard maple body; Heckel system, high D key, F# trill, large ring A; C#-D# trills; rollers for C#-D# and F-Ab, leather pads; two bocals, case. FREE SHIPPING on your purchase today!

    Model: 132
    Manufacturer: Selmer
    Price: $6,979.00