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  • PerformancePlus DS** Economy Drum Sticks
    PerformancePlus DS** Economy Drum Sticks

    Low cost drum sticks. Available in a few different sizes.

    Model: DS**
    Manufacturer: PerformancePlus
    Price: $4.95
  • PerformancePlus GP6 Guitar Pitch Pipe
    PerformancePlus GP6 Guitar Pitch Pipe

    E-B-G-D-A-E for Electric or Acoustic Guitar Hand tuned brass reeds, each electronically tested for pitch accuracy Made of highest quality ABS plastic with ridged lipped blow pipes Small, portable and easy to use-requires light blowing for loudest and clearest notes Lifetime Warranty to the original owner. Helps develop learning skills by hearing and matching the note.

    Model: GP6
    Manufacturer: PerformancePlus
    Price: $6.16
  • PerformancePlus P351BX Mispicks - 100
    PerformancePlus P351BX Mispicks - 100

    100 Famous Maker, no name Flat Guitar Picks for a little over 10ยข each. Assorted box of 100 picks in miscellaneous shapes, sizes and gauges. Great for earrings, necklaces, art projects, decorations, etc. Audience give-a-ways, Small Tips, Mini Autographs, Mementos. Nice fun present for the player who never has a pick.

    Model: P351BX
    Manufacturer: PerformancePlus
    Price: $11.87