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Lomax LPAS Alto Sax Mouthpiece

SKU:  ae00-1180
Manufacturer Part #:  LPAS

Our PRELUDE line of mouthpieces have been very carefully designed to provide the young student with a high quality mouthpiece at an affordable price! Made of high quality poly resin material, each mouthpiece is hand finished by either Michael or Joel Lomax personally. Each model has been designed to give the student a mouthpiece which will enable them to progress with a tonal concept that will prepare them for advanced study. NOTE: It is important to follow our suggested reed strengths for the optimum results.

Model: LPAS
Manufacturer: Lomax

Lomax LPAS Alto Sax Mouthpiece

SKU:  ae00-1180^LPAS
Manufacturer Part #:  LPAS
Weight:  3.00
Price: $40.00

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