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Ludwig LUMT68023PX 6/8/10/12/13" Marching Tom Set


The tenor voice of a drumline is notorious for getting lost in the mix. We combat this at Ludwig by using deep, 5.4mm thick North American Maple shells and a 45° bearing edge that will cut though any ensemble. Every set of Ludwig tenors ship PRE-ASSEMBLED and feature Randall May Free-Floating Lug Bridges (FFLB). The FFLB utilizes the existing lug casings to assemble the drums together. This means no additional drilling is required on the shell which provides better drum resonance and eliminates shell to shell point load compression. The lightweight FFLB aligns the drums to the preferred sweet spots and promotes proper playing technique for all drum configurations.

Model: LUMT68023PX
Manufacturer: Ludwig
Ludwig LUMT68023PX 6/8/10/12/13" Marching Tom Set
Price: $1,075.25

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