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Ludwig RMABSQ Biposto Multi-Tom Carrier w/Mounting Hardware


These carriers by MAY provide freedom of movement, with ergonomic comfort. Available with the Mono-Post for Snare and Bass Drum, and Bi-Post for Tenors. All Posto® Carriers feature the MAY patented Articulating Back Support system (ABS™ ), Contour Hinge™, and Multi-axis shoulder adjustments to conform to all body types, creating the ULTIMATE in comfort, stability, and control. The Posto design is gender friendly with ultra-lightweight construction, supporting a 1:1 real time extension of performers’ increasingly challenging maneuvers. The elimination of J-Rods reduces previous interference issues, thus enhancing ergonomic comfort with complete freedom of movement for maximum performance. All Posto Series carriers include respective drum mounting hardware.

Manufacturer: Ludwig
Ludwig RMABSQ Biposto Multi-Tom Carrier w/Mounting Hardware
Price: $374.99

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